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We began as a small roll-off container company in 2009. Just a handful of employees, one office, and a collective drive to provide the best service for our clients. One satisfied client led us to the next, and we soon earned a strong reputation for getting the job done. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded into a multi-million dollar industry leader with multiple construction companies throughout the tri-state area. Our relentless ‘can do’ attitude is what has allowed us to build our company into the industry leader it is today. When clients requested specialty services from us, we never said no. And we found that managing more and more aspects of projects ourselves allowed us to streamline and speed up the construction process for clients.


CEO/Visionary Xolle CORP

Dov Roth is the founder and CEO of Xolle Corp, a group of multiple construction companies offering a full range of services that include demolition, rental equipment, foundations, superstructure, general contracting, backend office management, signage, and more. Dov learned the fundamentals of the industry from the young age of 15, when he began working on construction sites doing framing and sheetrock. He started his own company in 2009, handling all its operations from top to bottom. Dov’s entrepreneurial spirit immediately propelled his business to grow rapidly, and he eventually started or partnered with multiple other businesses to create what Xolle Corp is today. Dov’s fingerprint is felt on every job his company does, and he enjoys close relationships with the biggest companies in the construction industry today. Understanding a client’s needs and how to serve them quickly and efficiently is a daily priority for Dov. His thorough knowledge of his field, wide-ranging experience, and flourishing entrepreneurship has made him a highly-sought investor and adviser throughout his career. Through Xolle Corp, Dov not only funds companies but continuously takes them to the next level by analyzing processes, forging new relationships, and understanding what they need to achieve major growth.

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