The Xolle

Your project, our promise: A clear process that keeps your project moving.
Our single-minded objective is keeping your project running smoothly.
By keeping the lines of communication open with vendors, clients, and partners, we maintain a streamlined and
straightforward work process, delivering your project on time – no excuses, no detours, no delays.


Driven by a commitment to get the job done, our ability to problem solve and keep projects moving is founded on the following values:

Honesty & Transparency

Our company culture centers around our integrity.
If there’s a problem, we take responsibility and handle it. If there’s a setback, we let you know.

Constructive Collaboration

Together we’re stronger.
By working hand-in-hand and sharing knowledge, resources, and insights, we all benefit and improve.

Time is money

Our agile network of managers implement efficient processes to ensure your project moves along smoothly

Safety, First and Always

To us, safety is about far more than OSHA compliance.
It’s about valuing the team that makes each project possible, and putting their safety and wellbeing front and center at every step of the process.


As an industry leader, we take our responsibilities seriously.


We are conscious of the lasting effects our work has on our planet. And so we are on a mission to preserve our resources and environment by using building materials and equipment that are stronger, less wasteful and more energy efficient.


The structures we build grow to be a part of the neighborhood they’re in, and so we are committed to respecting the culture and sense of community wherever we build, and to giving back to the communities we’re a part of.


We know the continued success of our company rests on the strength of our relationships. We strive to develop long-lasting, trust-based partnerships with each and every one of our clients and investors. Careful management, controlled improvements, and responsible long-term investments contribute to stable growth we all benefit from.